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Why long fingernails have finally gone out of style

Long Fingernails

Like many, I believe that long fingernails actually went out of style towards the end of the 80′s, but there is now new evidence to support this idea. One afternoon, several weeks ago, I ¬†was having a conversation with someone, when the ever popular question of what do you do came up. I told her I build custom software and have recently began developing iPhone applications. At the mention of the word iPhone, she kind of made a sour face. It was so bold that it forced me to pause and wait for her to interject. There are some people who don’t like Apple, so they immediately write-off off anything to do with them and it is usually accompanied by the rolling of eyes. But there was something in her expression that went a little deeper than that.

Her next words to me were something to the effect of, “I don’t like that silly iPhone. You see these long nails? I can’t use that thing.” In my mind I was thinking, is it really the iPhone that is silly? I let her continue. “I use the Treo. The keyboard on this thing is great.” She pulled out her phone with a great big smile. The rest of what she said kind of sounded like the teacher on Charlie Brown to me. Now there is nothing wrong with the Treo. I had one back in 2004. It was a nice phone in its day. I will admit, the keyboard isn’t too bad, and there are times where I really don’t like typing on my iPhone, but if my long finger nails were keeping me from using the best technology, I would cut them.

This goes beyond touch screen phones. How about normal keyboards? The reason this lady fancies the Treo is because she can type with her thumbs. You can’t exactly type efficiently using your thumbs on a regular keyboard. I would imagine iPads, or any of the competitors, are hard to use as well. TV remotes. Car stereos. I’m sure I could come up with a really long list if I wanted to. If the end to strange fashion in the 80′s did not put long nails to death, I believe new technology just might.