QuickFire for Basecamp is in the App Store!

This post is quite a few days late. Normally a company with their act together would have this post written in advance, with a finger on the trigger just waiting to push the publish button. Marketing isn’t my strong suit and whoever said I had my act together?   I am pleased to announce that on Thursday, December 16th, 2010 a dream came true for me. I got real. QuickFire for Basecamp, my first iPhone App was approved and started selling in the App Store.

I built this app to scratch my own itch. I wasn’t really interested in managing my Basecamp projects in full from my iPhone, I just wanted a way to create To-Dos. While the iPhone is a great device, I’m not sure it’s ideal for Project Management. I think that is done best while sitting in front of a computer. Creating reminders for myself to get a certain task accomplished by a certain date, or assigning it to someone else seemed like a great way to interact with Basecamp while on the go. Sure it is simple, and not nearly as comprehensive as competing Basecamp apps, but I think this is a good thing. It does what I want it to do, and it does it very well. If you have an iPhone and you use Basecamp, you really should check it out. I’m convinced it’s worth the 99 cent price tag.

Beyond the app, I really look forward to everything there is to learn from this experience. It will help mold my next one, the one after that and so forth. I have a feeling that I will be receiving a baptism by fire (no pun intended) like education on marketing.

QuickFire for Basecamp Screen Shot


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    December 21, 2010 - | Permalink

    Thank’s for a great app!!

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    December 21, 2010 - | Permalink

    Gunnar, glad you like it! Thanks for your support!

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