Enter your To-Do, pick your project, select a due date, assign it to someone, and tap save. Your To-Do is now in Basecamp, and you never had to leave your iPhone.

QuickFire focuses on one thing, helping you get your To-Dos into Basecamp as quickly as possible from your iPhone. Whether it's a great idea for a blog post, a request from a client, a phone call you need to make, or task you need to assign. Whatever the task is, QuickFire will make sure it gets into Basecamp while you are on the go.

So you can buy a small cup of bitter tasting, growth stunting, truck stop coffee, which could be spilled on your iPhone.
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Please Note
In order to use QuickFire, you need a Basecamp account. This Basecamp account must allow interaction with 3rd party apps. All Basecamp account types support this interaction, including free accounts, however it is not turned on by default. For more information please watch our tutorial on how to enable your account in less than 60 seconds.

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